Welcome to Miller Tax Service, a local tax service which was established in 1981. Jack  Miller, owner and an EA., who provides clients with the best professional and personal tax services. Your business is important to us. I take pride in preparing your tax returns with the utmost care. The goal is to protect you by offering personalized attention to detail and quality service.

Today’s tax laws are complicated.  When filing individual taxes, IRS compliance can be overwhelming and with so many important details to consider, it’s easy to make an error or omit something which could end up as a penalty, fine, or unwanted problem with the IRS.

With the increased availability of tax software and pop-up tax prep offices, more and more people are attempting to take cost-saving shortcuts on their income tax preparation. The truth is, there is no substitute for the knowledge and insight of an experienced EA.

Throughout the website, you will find tools, tips, and other resources to help you answer questions and be more prepared for your taxes. Click on About Me to learn more about Jack Miller and my tax practice.

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